Volunteer with eBAWIS


How to Get Involved

Short Term: Volunteer for the Winter Workshop

Long Term: Read through the committees below to see volunteer needs

Email ebawis.annoucement@gmail.com with your contact info and interest.

Communications (High Need)

To increase public awareness and interest in ebAWIS and ebAWIS-sponsored events by creating marketing campaigns, promoting events, creating advertising and posting on social media platforms and connecting with contacts in the local media. Develop branding and marketing for the chapter. Manage all printed publications, such as brochures, flyers, leaflets and whitepapers.


Keep track of membership fees and look for ways to attract new members. Create strategies to keep current members active and involved in order to preserve their retention numbers. Organize membership drives or campaigns, set up direct mail campaigns and conduct membership surveys. 


To provide an opportunity to create connections among people interested in promoting women working in STEM by planning, organizing and hosting a variety of events.


To provide information about the programs and activities of the East Bay Chapter of AWIS to members and non-members. The website committee works with the AWIS Board and Committee Chairs to ensure that the information appearing on the website is current.

Corporate Sponsorship

To engage local pharma, biotech, biomedical, science, engineering and technology companies, research organizations and service providers, and to provide them the opportunity to support women in the local scientific community through the sponsorship of AWIS-eb events and academic scholarships.


To inspire the East Bay community about STEM and encourage young women interested in STEM careers. The committee organizes and participates in STEM events, supports equity and diversity in STEM and promotes the visibility of women as STEM professionals and role models.


To design and deliver an engaging webinar series for our members. Topics can be about diversity and inclusion, career development, topics relevant to women in STEM, returning to the workforce after a break etc.