May 2019 Newsletter


Leading Effective Strategies to Organize Groups for Intersectionality in the Workplace

Organizing the Winter Workshop this year was unique opportunity because our theme “Cultural Competence Organizing Intersectionality in the Workplace” was complex, but a timely conversation to have in AWIS. Based on insights on intersectionality, that gender focus in itself while valuable is not enough to move the needle for all women on specific issues - like gender-based pay equity. Read full Winter Workshop 2019 recap

March 23, 2019 - Sandhya Pahwa-Khurana, Secretary EB-AWIS and Winter Workshop Chair


Who’s in Your Personal Board of Directors?

Marilyn Nagel, CLO of SAMI, CEO of Ready, Aim, Aspire and former CEO of Watermark and CDO of Cisco, hosted a workshop to share her stories and lessons about the importance of building networks. She asked the thirty women attending, “Who’s in Your PBOD?” or Personal Board Of Directors. PBOD members are those that support and advise us in career growth and life. They can include family, friends, colleagues and mentors. She then asked us to identify an aspirational goal and short-term business goals. She encouraged thought around how the people in our PBOD can help us achieve these goals.  Read full recap here.

February 26, 2019 – Roxanne H. Croze, Member-at-Large EB-AWIS Board Member