Past Events



2019 Winter Workshop with Aida Sabo, Bahija Jallal, Kat Langan. 

This year's workshop theme “Cultural Competence Organizing Intersectionality in the Workplace” was complex, but a timely conversation to have in AWIS. Based on insights on intersectionality, that gender focus in itself while valuable is not enough to move the needle for all women on specific issues - like gender-based pay equity. More information here, and Bahija's slides posted here.

"Build Intentional Connections" with Marilyn Nagel

This workshop explores the importance of networks and gives each participant an opportunity to document their network, evaluate it, and most importantly develop a plan to enhance it. The workshop also includes an opportunity for participants to form new and impactful relationships with others in this session, and ultimately build their network with peers and colleagues. More information here.

25th Annual Recognition Awards Banquet

The awards recognize outstanding local scientists who have combined their professional activities with support of other women in science. In honoring these women, AWIS recognizes the importance of sharing more than just the content and techniques of our science with others. Congratulations to Katherine W. Ferrara (Stanford University), Kim E. Williams (Fibrogen) and Manjula Chinnappa (Personalis) for receiving this years' recognition awards and for the Palo Alto AWIS Chapter for organizing!

Fireside Chat with Rachel Haurwitz

Rachel Haurwitz, CEO and President of Caribou, sat down with ebAWIS members at a Fireside Chat sponsored by 4D Molecular Therapeutics. We got great insight into Rachel's switch from academia to industry and what it takes to run your own biotech company as well as exciting updates on cutting edge science. 


Impactful Speaking Workshop with Alison Gregory Pope and Scott Pope from Pope Communications, Inc.