Be a Strong Mentor

Mentor a summer intern through BioTech Partners…
Mentors are connected in February/March of each year.

Interested mentors should contact Carissa Poehnert at, 510.705.7795 and check out their website.

Biotech Partners are looking to connect high school and community college students with scientists in the SF Bay Area. BP’s┬ámission is to educate underserved youth with personal, academic and professional development experiences that increase participation in higher education and access to fulfilling science careers. In this incredible program, students receive two years of technical training before ever being placed in a lab.


What’s so great about these students? They receive two years of training prior to working in a mentor’s lab! Students will already be familiar with:

  • Cell culture: calculating molar solutions, serial dilution/percent yield, aseptic technique, cell counting and culture maintenance, cell staining, media preparation, aseptic technique
  • Molecular Biology: ELISA, bacterial transformation, restriction enzyme digests, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), DNA Electrophoresis, bioinformatics
  • Chemistry/Biochemistry: protein assays, chromatography, DNA/RNA extraction, buffer preparation, filtration, distillation, SDS-PAGE protein electrophoresis
  • Tools & Equipment: balances, pipettes and micropipettes, hemacytometer, spectrophotometer, pH meter, incubators, electrophoresis equipment, PCR thermocycler, light microscope, micro-centrifuge, water baths
  • Additional training provided by BP: GLP, computer skills, career skills (professional comportment, team work, communicating effectively), presentation skills

Plus, the students continue in the BP program while working in your lab, so you have the full support of the Biotech Partners team.

If you are interested in learning more, please direct inquiries to Carissa Poehnert, Interim Director of Programs,, 510.705.7795 and check out their website.