Save the Bay & the Date for Seaweed

The non-native kelp Undaria pinnatifida is a quick-growing kelp that is a “least-wanted” pest species around the world.  Undaria has become established in the Bay Area on docks and boats.  Smithsonian ecologists are concerned as its quick growth and large size gives it an advantage over native species and are monitoring and removing it from the SF Bay.  Volunteers are needed to help in this effort in order to limit its influence on our California ecosystem

ebAWIS is partnering with Smithsonian scientists to help remove kelp from along the SF boat docks.  Middle school and high school age girls (and boys), as well as adults, are encouraged to participate!

When: October 14, 9 am -noon  Where: South Beach Marina,  SF

Volunteers will be scouring the docks and boats for this invasive kelp and pulling up kelp that can be reached easily from bending down or lying on the docks.

Note: This activity is not advised for young children who cannot swim and/or individuals who are not comfortable around water.

Sign up: E-mail Marianne Kavanagh at  kavmar100 at  A contact phone number will be supplied for participants also.  If weather is very stormy we will cancel and email everyone the night before.  A little rain won’t deter us though!

What to bring: Layered comfortable clothing, sturdy shoes, hat, beach towel, sunscreen, plenty of water and snacks. As we will be walking on unstable piers, let us know if you cannot swim and we will assign you to data collection duties.

Important: Print and bring the linked release form with you.

If you have questions about the process or what will happen, please feel free to email us.  Click on the outreach page  above for more details.

Come out to San Francisco to do something fun to help our California ecosystem.